Synergistic Roofing & Solar

Providing roofing and solar systems to southwestern Ohio for more than ten years.

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      Residential & Commercial Solar Systems

      We provide complete solar systems for residential and commercial applications either rooftop or ground mounted with optional energy storage.

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        Welcome to Synergistic Solar Services

        At Synergistic Solar Services, we are dedicated to providing innovative and eco-friendly solutions to meet your energy needs. We believe in a future where renewable energy sources play a vital role in reducing carbon emissions and creating a sustainable planet.

        We have more than a decade experience in renewable energy solutions.

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        Greener Tomorrow for Your Home and Business

        At Synergistic Solar Services, we understand the importance of building a greener future.

        Safety & reliable service

        Safety and reliability are our top priorities

        End-To-End Energy Services

        We offer end-to-end energy services
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